20 years of professional experience.

I started out in the mid-90s - digital animation tools were still emerging.
My first job was compositing hand-drawn animation at Filmgraphics using traditional charts, field guides and peg-bars under a rostrum camera. Real knife-and-fork, old school stuff!

As Maya became the dominant 3D package, I switched gears into the freelance arena, working over the years at Engine, Resolution Design, Zspace, Montage and XYZ in Melbourne. I've had a hand in a variety of visual styles - realistic, minimalist, textured, infographics and typography.

My lengthiest contract was head of graphics at Beyond, creating explanation graphics and opening titles mostly for US cable network TV programs. Let's rattle some off... Chasing Nature, Hoopla Doopla, Damage Control, White Rabbit Project, Wild But True, Lock & Load, Taboo, History Hunters, Steampunks, Prototype This, Weaponizers, Deadly Women, Monster Bug Wars and Selling Houses, as well as assisting on Mythbusters.

I've also created animation remotely for overseas clients. (Many I never even meet!) BBC Aberdeen commissioned 3D graphics detailing naval tactics and machine gun evolution for a WW1 documentary series. And I directed an opening sequence on blood transfusion science for an Asia Geographic documentary. I've added direct-to-client explainer videos for intranet/web to my work history, including music and voice-over.

Most recently, I completed a 6 month contract as senior animator on Season 6 of The Checkout, ABC's consumer affairs comedy program, which was awesome! It's fair to say I bring a lot of experience and technical creativity to a project. I'm deadline-conscious and results-focussed in a range of styles, so get in touch if you have anything to unleash me on!

For inquiries or collaborations please contact me by email: mail@danielkouts.com